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Brand Strategy

Should Brands Take a Political or Social Stand?

In the evolving world of marketing, it’s not enough to be a 24/7 brand – always on call and ready to respond to competitive threats, customer opportunities and feedback. Today, it’s equally important to be connected to and be on the right side of societal issues...

BottomLine Marketing brands political stand
Brand Strategy

Four Steps to Developing a Winning 2018 Marketing Plan

Welcome back to the office after the long Labor Day weekend! Hopefully you had some time to relax, because now is the time to start your 2018 planning if you want to kick off your marketing efforts in January of next year. Recently, we’ve heard a lot of marketing...

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Brand Strategy

Brand Essence – The Heart and Soul of Your Brand

Through our blogs over the years, the BottomLine Marketing team has tried to reinforce the importance of some basic brand and marketing strategy fundamentals: A highly differentiated and meaningful brand strategy that is based on conversation customer insights...

BottomLine Marketing brand essence blog post image

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