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AIM // Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy Development – Ensuring You Hit the Right Customers With the Right Message at the Right Time

Too many companies want to execute tactics without stopping to think. At BottomLine Marketing, we stress the importance of “aiming” before developing and executing a brand or marketing strategy. We often find that companies may be ready to invest in marketing, but when there’s little if any planning, they end up throwing a range of tactics against the wall, with the risk of wasting resources (time and money) and falling short of their objectives. Putting the right focus (AIM) behind your brand and marketing efforts will differentiate you from competitors and make you more attractive to the right customers.


Your brand is valuable, but do you know how your brand is perceived in your customers’ minds? More importantly, do you know how you want your brand to be perceived in the future? Our 360-degree approach digs deep into your brand to help you understand how your brand is currently perceived in the marketplace and where the brand positioning opportunities are from all angles – internally, externally and against competition. We’ll develop a highly differentiated and meaningful brand strategy that will motivate your key target segments to act, and provides defenses vs. your competitors. And if there are multiple brands in your product/service portfolio, we’ll develop a brand architecture to structure your portfolio to bring maximum clarity and impact in the marketplace. Let us transform how your brand is perceived in the market!

Strategy &

What’s the best way to reach your target audience and how do you want them to behave? This is what a good marketing strategy and plan outlines. We’ll work with your marketing and sales team to define and gain alignment around the key marketing and business objectives, and then develop strategies and tactics to achieve the desired results. Our marketing plans include a detailed executional calendar, prioritized budget recommendations and tracking metrics to ensure you’re able to assess the ROI of your key marketing and sales activities.

Concurrently, we’ll employ our proprietary brand strategy visualization process to establish a creative foundation which will help define the look and feel of all future marketing and sales communications.


Deep, actionable customer or category insights are at the core of great brands and marketing strategies. These insights can be attitudinal (what customers think) or behavioral (what customers do) in nature and are the result of in-depth primary or secondary research, or big data analysis. Our experienced team employs the latest tools and techniques to uncover these insights and knows how to apply them for game changing results. Put our team to work and see what we find!
Many small to mid-sized businesses quickly dilute their brand by trying to be all things to all people. To have the greatest impact, businesses need to focus on a well-defined target audience, and clearly define what attitudes and behaviors they want to change (or reinforce). This is truer than ever in the digital age, as customers expect you to know them inside and out, and target them precisely with the right message at the right time and place. We can help contact us today to learn how!


we help OUR clients zero in on a highly differentiated brand strategy and impactful marketing plan

Let Bottomline Marketing help you improve your organization’s AIM.

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