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Helping Brands Develop a Winning Edge

Bottom line, our goal is to transform our client’s brand and marketing efforts while helping them elevate their presence and capabilities. In the end, we’re our client’s best advocate. As former CMOs, CEOs, Creative Directors and entrepreneurs, we challenge the status quo, working with business leaders that want to build powerful, sustainable brands – whether they’re start-up or Fortune 500 companies.

We leverage world class experience to uncover insights that transform brands and energize a focused marketing effort. It all starts with:




Clients want the best. They don’t want to be a training ground for interns and junior executives. As business owners, we agree. A BottomLine Marketing Principal leads every engagement, plain and simple. The people you meet at the first meeting are the same people who will work on and in your business. We engage world-class specialists when needed, but everyone is led by that same BLM Principal.

We’ve been in your shoes and ramp up quickly to understand the marketing, sales and business issues you’re facing, and how they may impact your organization. We are not only there to help build your brand and marketing strategy, but can also help you with implementation. Acting as your interim Chief Marketing Officer, we’ll bring in the right resources from our broad network of professional and agency partners to ensure you’re executing the plan with excellence.

Working Together

We dive in, roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Our work style is collaborative and transparent, never operating in a “black box”. Key stakeholders are involved every step of the way, which means that you understand and embrace our recommendations instead of just reacting to them at the end of a process.

We never just dump a report on your desk. Instead, we work closely with our clients to ensure there are no surprises and important timely decisions are made. We help clients develop a results-driven mindset because:

The Right Message / We dig deep to understand your business from all angles and provide thought leadership to help clients win in the market

Clear Direction / We are relentlessly category and customer insight-driven in our recommendations

Measuring Success / We define key metrics to measure marketing efforts and overall business performance to make sure you stay on track!

Bottom line, our holistic collaborative approach drives our clients to think differently about their brand and marketing strategies, changing paradigms to grow their business.


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