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Brand Strategy

A Strong Brand Is A Nonprofit’s Best Friend

Nonprofit organizations differ from commercial businesses in many ways. But there’s one thing they have in common – the need for a compelling brand that resonates with their target markets. Without it, nonprofits can get lost in the crowd just like any for-profit...

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Brand Strategy

Creating a Powerful Employer Brand

For the past few years, workers have had the upper hand in the recruiting process. Record low employment rates and stiff competition for top talent, especially in technical fields, have given job seekers more choices. And they’re not settling for employers that...

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Brand Strategy

Brand Personality In A COVID World

With COVID-19 throwing the global economy into chaos and causing millions to lose their jobs, brand personality probably doesn’t rank top of mind with many marketers right now. Yet, in times like these, it can be more important than ever. Because we will recover...


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