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READY // Business Review and Planning Phase – Setting you up for Business Success

Before you start developing your brand and marketing strategy, it often makes sense to check your business plan, strategy and model to ensure your business is ready to take the best advantage of your current industry landscape and environment. Here BottomLine Marketing can prepare your organization for business success by leading hands-on strategic planning efforts, developing business plans that get funded and business models that ensure profitable growth.


Whether you’re fundraising or just building the case for a new business, we’ll help you define your vision and develop a plan that gets funded. As part of the process, we’ll assess the market opportunity, understand market dynamics and driving forces, analyze competition and identify key opportunity segments. We’ll then operationalize the plan by developing plan details (including product, pricing, channel operations and technology strategies) and a financial forecast that brings your opportunity to life in the market.


How are you going to get from “Point A” to “Point B” over the next 3-5 years? What new products, markets, technologies and staffing will you need? How will your operation scale? The BottomLine Marketing team has a proven proactive method to lead our clients on their strategic journey and answer the tough questions. Your team won’t be bystanders. They’ll have their beliefs challenged and grapple with issues, so they know what to do next week, next month and over the course of year. They’ll leave ready to commit to new paradigms and growth opportunities.


Your core business model defines how you’re going to generate short and long-term revenue and profit margin; and how you’re going to sustain profitable growth for the long-term. Clearly understanding your business’s customer economics – both lifetime value and customer acquisition costs – will ensure you’re acquiring profitable customers and better allocate your marketing and sales resources. We’ll partner with your senior team to build a custom model based on customer behavior, so you can run different investment scenarios.

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding on an existing one, BottomLine Marketing can help you with an industry analysis and market assessment that will better inform and refine your go-to market strategy. Contact us today!



Let Bottomline Marketing help your organization be READY to win too!

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