Develop a retention and loyalty strategy to reduce monthly customer churn and select a loyalty and retention agency



Over time the monthly customer churn rate had been increasing due to aggressive acquisition efforts. We needed to help develop a retention and loyalty strategy to reduce customer churn and deepen customer engagement as well as help identify a direct marketing/CRM agency to help them implement the strategy.



Worked with the client’s new marketing team to analyze customer data and map out the post-purchase customer experience

Validated preliminary baseline customer segmentation strategy

Developed a loyalty and retention strategy

Led process to select a direct marketing/CRM agency



Reduced client customer churn rate by over 40% per month within the first year and helped select long term direct marketing agency partner


BottomLine Marketing not only helped us develop our long term retention strategy, but they led the agency search process. We were able to select a premier agency partner in a fraction of the time. In addition, their deep experience in the television subscription business helped us better understand how to more effectively target our customers and improve the performance of our customer upsell efforts. We really enjoyed working with them. It felt as if they were part of the team.
Vice President, Marketing / DIRECTV


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