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San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC)


Name and develop a brand strategy for the economic zone encompassing San Diego and Imperial Counties as well as the State of Baja California



With a Federal Grant, the client wanted to launch a marketing effort to promote the cross-border “mega-region” as a unique place to locate or relocate a business. The immediate challenge was how to position this “mega-region”, name it and gain the consensus of over 10 bi-national EDC’s and regional governments.



Developed a presentation on the value of branding in English and Spanish to present to representatives of all bi-national EDC’s

Conducted nearly 30 interviews in English and Spanish with business and political leaders from across the region

Led three strategy sessions, one in Spanish, with over 80 EDC bi-national representatives to obtain their input and consensus on a brand strategy

Developed and tested a brand positioning strategy and “mega-region” naming options

Worked with creative agency partner to develop new brand (logo and brand materials), ensuring consistent communication of the optimal brand message



Successfully launched the “Cali-Baja Mega Region” initiative with enthusiastic support from the San Diego Mayor and San Diego/Imperial County Boards of Supervisors, the State of Baja California (Mexico) and the entire regional business community. Resulted in an increase in new firms locating to the “mega-region”


BottomLine Marketing helped us define and brand our entire region. They worked flawlessly with the EDC’s in San Diego and Imperial Counties along with a dozen EDC’s throughout the Baja peninsula. They successfully led effort to name our bi-national region the Cali-Baja Mega Region and developed a compelling brand and communications strategy. They worked really well with all the EDC’s in the US and Mexico and their fluency in Spanish helped create good will on both sides of the border.
President and Board Members / San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC)


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