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Re-evaluate the company’s brand strategy and reposition the company to target a new customer segment



The leader in online window treatments wanted to change its business and brand positioning strategy to include a new customer segment. The company current model was to have customers order and install window treatments themselves (Do-it-Yourself Segment) but was interested in serving customers that needed assistance (Do-it-for-Me). They needed to better understand their customer base and see if there was enough customer interest to expand the business model and launch a new marketing initiative.



Conducted one-on-one interviews with management and consumers

Conducted an extensive, segmented online survey of over 300,000 existing and lapsed customers to better understand needs, brand perceptions and behaviors

Analyzed results to validate and size business model opportunity

Worked with the management team to develop an updated brand positioning strategy incorporating the new segment while maintaining foundational positioning elements

Validated the positioning with consumers

Introduced web development agency to execute site architecture changes and test design changes to accommodate new positioning

Worked with management to develop updated brand creative strategy and messaging platform



Helped client validate new repositioning strategy and develop an updated brand positioning statement and creative brief. Client grew revenues and expanded its customer base during recession.


BLM does their homework. Before initiating the engagement, they went to school on the Smith & Noble customer experience, including ride-alongs with our in-home design consultants. This experience provided them with valuable insights that shaped the work that they subsequently delivered.

BLM is creative and cost effective. They successfully suggested that we leverage a non-buying portion of our e-mail file as a proxy for competitor customers, thereby generating significant research savings

BLM perseveres. When online survey responses were not achieving required rates, they innovated on the fly to test a variety of different incentives that ultimately delivered the target response rates, while containing cost.

BLM delivers. Cost effective customer research uncovered a number of “aha’s”. Web store user experience upgrade deliverables laid the groundwork for an anticipated significant gain in conversion and customer experience quality.

Ken Constable / President, Smith & Noble


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