Develop differentiated brand positioning, communication and growth strategy to help WAXIE reignite growth in the face of new national competitors such as Amazon, Costco, Staples and Grainger.



The leading Janitorial-Sanitary (JanSan) distributor in the Western US had traditionally successfully competed against smaller Mom & Pop JanSan distributors and a few major regional players. With the entry of new national e-commerce, “big box” retailer and “maintenance” -oriented distributors, WAXIE needed to develop a customer-driven brand strategy to better communicate the unique value WAXIE provides its customers. The WAXIE team had not done any in-depth customer research in several years.



Conducted one-on-one interviews with management and field sales throughout the Western region to understand the category, the competitive landscape and regional differences in attitudes toward the JanSan category.

Conducted close to 100 one-on-one interviews with WAXIE’s customers across each of its five key target industry verticals – government, education, building service contractors, healthcare and property management to understand what customers valued most about WAXIE and where there may be areas to improve.

Executed quantitative research study with WAXIE’s customers to validate our qualitative findings and uncover additional insights.

Based on customer insights, developed a highly differentiated brand positioning strategy that helped reinforce what customers valued most about WAXIE and helped create some “competitive entry barriers” vs. the new national competitive set.

Developed new brand identity and website creative elements, and developed new tagline, elevator pitch and other communication vehicles that transformed the way WAXIE presented themselves in the marketplace.



The new brand positioning strategy helped drive not only a new communication strategy that helped elevate WAXIE to compete with its new national competitors, but also some key operational strategies, which combined helped accelerate topline growth at WAXIE.

Moreover, armed with new messaging that is both powerful and competitive, the WAXIE team has ingrained this message throughout the organization including with frontline employees.

WAXIE has successfully defended their leadership position vs. new national competitors and they’ve elevated their presence in key C-Suites.


The BottomLine Marketing team was instrumental in helping us gain a much deeper understanding of WAXIE customer needs, wants and areas of opportunity across each of our major customer segments. This work then translated into a powerful brand strategy that helped focus our communication efforts on the most meaningful and impactful benefits we provide our customers.

We were taken through a comprehensive process that was both highly analytical and creative, and involved and challenged the entire senior management team. This resulted in us thinking about the WAXIE brand in new and exciting ways. BLM then came through with the development of wonderful new brand identity elements including color palette, brand imagery and tagline.

We now talk, both visually and in copy, about WAXIE in a way that reflects our heritage and core values as well as the value we bring to our customers. This messaging is both powerful and competitive and has helped elevate WAXIE against very large national competitors. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work done by BottomLine Marketing and highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sharpen their brand and improve how they communicate with their current or prospective customers.

Rick Hazard / Vice President, Marketing, WAXIE Sanitary Supply


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