How can I tell my company’s story in a way that connects with my client and inspires them to take action? That’s the question inside the heads of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executives everywhere. The conscious capital movement stemmed from the downfall of Enron and huge corporate breakdowns in the early 2000’s when people started to stand up and agree that companies shouldn’t just be focused on profits and shareholders. Companies should have a holistic focus that includes benefiting people (inside and outside the company) and making the world a better place.

In this recent lunch and learn panel organized by Conscious Capitalism San Diego, and sponsored by TGG Accounting, four panelists share their stories about what their experience was like working for a “big business” that lacked the conscious capitalism focus and how their own companies have benefited now by focusing first on purpose, people, and the planet.



Here are the two main points from this lunch that might help you as you work on branding (or rebranding) your company.

1 / Branding Begins with an Authentic Story

The Essence of Connection is Created Through Story
You have a personal story as to why you are doing your work, and your company has a story as to why it was created. Both of these stories are crucial for your company. These stories bring awareness, create connection and inspire action around your brand.

Be Transparent, Authentic, and Vulnerable
Crafting this story isn’t so easy. It’s a very vulnerable move to share your story in a way that deeply resonates with your audience. You must dig deep and get down to the nitty gritty of your story, a story that is transparent, authentic, and vulnerable. An authentic story will connect people to you and your brand.

Tailor the Story to Your Customer
Knowing your customer is the foundation of your story. Once you know your customer and their needs, craft your story around that. Focus on how you want your clients to feel and what pain points you want them to take away.

Tailor Your Story to the Journey Your Customer is Going Through
The reason why your story is powerful is because you’ve faced obstacles and you’ve made breakthroughs in your life. Tailor your brand story to the obstacles and breakthroughs that you want your customer to make through working with you.

2 / Share the Story Over and Over

When you begin to put your story out there and share WHY your company was created and why you are doing the work you are doing, you begin to create a movement. You can reach your target audience and meet their needs more efficiently through a story that is crystal clear and carefully crafted. Think about the last time you’ve asked someone what they do, when they begin to stumble, you begin to lose focus. Practice and share your story everywhere you go.


Conscious Capital companies highly value their unique story and are driven by values and purpose. Your personal and company story should answer WHY your are you doing the work you are doing? Why was this company created? Why you?


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