BottomLine Marketing co-Founder Miro Copic discusses the impact that the royalty settlement between Apple-Qualcomm has on Qualcomm’s business, which saw its stock rise 35% after the announcement was made. Copic noted that “this was a great day for Qualcomm” as it lifted a cloud over Qualcomm’s business model and showed that Apple needed to settle in order stay in the race to introduce 5G phones. If Apple didn’t settle, they faced being one of the last manufacturers to launch a full range 5G phones which would damage their brand. Other topics included analyzing the impact on the taxi industry and Uber after Lyft announced it would start testing a “taxi line” concept at the San Diego airport. Consumers would get into a Lyft “line” and jump into the next waiting Lyft car. If successful, Lyft would expand the concept to other airports. (KPBS News – 4/19/19)

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