BottomLine Marketing co-founder Miro Copic and KPBS’s Ebone Monet discuss a wide range of topics including the impact of the Justice Department’s announcement that it is initiating an investigation on the dominance of social, e-commerce and search internet platforms. Firms like Facebook, Google and Amazon will be under the microscope and what would that mean for those companies or consumers. Another major announcement this week was that 4 global auto manufacturers agreed to California’s higher mile per gallon requirements – targeting 50 miles/gallon by 2026. These firms represent 30% of the global car industry and by this agreement, they positioning themselves to be winners in California and 12 other states (and Canada) who have adopted the same emission standards as California. Finally, a major settlement was reached in the Equifax data breach case and how does the settlement impact the 150 million consumers affected by stolen data. (KPBS News – 7/26/19)

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