Tourism in San Diego has taken a huge hit. With major conferences, like Comic-Con, cancelled and airlines ground to a halt, tourism tax revenues have taken fallen precipitously. Miro Copic, Co-Founder of BottomLine Marketing, discusses the implications to San Diego and assesses what the San Diego Tourism Authority is doing to attract visitors to area. An ambitious national campaign was planned to start on June 1st. Instead of scrapping the plan entirely, the campaign has been refocused to target residents of nearby states like Arizona and Nevada as well as California state residents – especially those from Santa Barbara and south. Copic stated that San Diego is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States and while consumers may be cautious about flying, a driving vacation is something that many will consider. And as the state continues re-opening, San Diego will be one of the more attractive destinations to visit. (KPBS News – 5/15/20)

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