Miro Copic, BottomLine Marketing co-founder and KPBS’s Ebone Monet discuss Comic-Con, Conventions in San Diego and Amazon Prime Day. The recent announcement that Comic-Con will stay in San Diego through 2024 is a big boost in showing Comic-Con’s commitment to San Diego and the city’s effort to pass a hotel tax increase to fund the convention center’s expansion. If the measure doesn’t pass, then Comic-Con after 2024 in San Diego is at Risk. Copic also discussed that Amazon Prime Day was not only big for Amazon (a record 175 million items sold) but how other retailer online sales increased between 28-60+%. Finally, they discussed that San Diego is the only California city to make the top 10 list of best convention cities since an influential study’s inception. (KPBS News – 7/19/19)

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