BottomLine Marketing Co-Founder Miro Copic spoke with KPBS’ Ebone Monet about how important Friday’s release of Marvel’s Avengers: End Game is to Disney. Copic predicts that based on pre-ticket sales on sites like Fandango, this movie will break Disney’s most optimistic estimate for opening weekend box office receipts. Copic also discussed the stock market rally that sent the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ to record highs. While there is a lot of momentum in the market, there are also forces of uncertainly which might slow investor exuberance. Nevertheless, this week’s rally was driven by corporate earnings that exceeded expectations and driven by strong operational performance, which investors love. The final segment focused on the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a 2-in-1 smart phone/tablet device, that stopped working for early testers after just a few days. Will this impact the Samsung brand? Copic discusses the issues facing Samsung and other smart phone manufacturers as they try to develop the next big innovation. (KPBS News – 4/26/19)

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