Gurus are acknowledged leaders or chief proponents in dealing with matters of fundamental concern. Guru’s are also teachers and mentors. We love marketing (of which branding is an indispensable part), but not just marketing for marketing’s sake, but marketing as essential in helping companies achieve their business goals.

About The Brand Guru’s

Miro Copic / Co-founder and Marketing Strategist
Steve Bellach / Co-founder and Marketing Strategist

We developed our business and marketing skills at Fortune 50 companies, helping to build household brands while increasing both sales and market share. During our tenures, we learned one fundamental thing – that marketing doesn’t mean anything unless it is driven by a differentiated and well-defined brand and aligns with and supports the company’s overall business and strategic goals.

BottomLine Marketing

When we founded BottomLine Marketing, we decided that is how we would differentiate ourselves. There are hordes of agencies who can turn out snazzy collateral, develop a website and teach you how to use social media. There aren’t many who develop successful brand strategies and marketing plans because we make the critical linkage between marketing and business goals. The rest is just “cosmetic branding”.

The Brand Guru Blog

Our goal is to regularly publish thought leadership content that benefits everyone who reads it.

We would love to hear your thoughts on marketing, or any ideas for topics you might like us to cover in the blog. We are listening, connect with us today!.

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