Happy New Year!

As we enter an era of accelerated technology and market disruption, we look back on the New Year’s advice we offered small to medium sized business back in 2014 to see how it stacks up. Not surprisingly the fundamental questions that drive more effective marketing strategies and tactics haven’t changed much, so we invite you to refresh your memory here:

The Bottom Line About Marketing – More Planning Discipline

While good marketing planning prior to execution (the “aim” in “ready, aim, fire”) remains a constant and remains critical, one thing that has changed substantially is the marketing technology landscape for tools and techniques that help marketers “aim” more precisely, and then better manage, implement and measure their marketing plans. The disruption caused by this technology has been both a challenge and an opportunity for small to mid-sized businesses. In 2011, there were about 150 such marketing technologies; In 2016, that number grew to close to 4,000 options to help marketers manage advertising & promotion, content & experience, social & relationship, commerce & sales, data and overall talent, product, project & vendor management.

With all of these recent changes, it is imperative you stay current in these new marketing techniques and technologies (e.g., commit to attending seminars, subscribe to relevant publications and websites and actually read articles/blogs) to understand how they might impact your customers. Is mobile marketing right for you? What new digital marketing techniques should you try? As a marketer, you should always be testing new and potentially relevant marketing tactics and be ready to scale them if they’re successful.

We’d love to hear about tools and technologies you’ve adopted over the past few years that have transformed how you approach your marketing planning and execution!

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