BottomLine Co-Founder Miro Copic speaks with NBC 7/39’s Consumer Bob about the use of gift cards during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have little recourse if a business they have a gift card for shuts down completely. Holding gift cards to local restaurants and retailers could be very risky. National retailers, like J. Crew and J.C. Penney, both which recently declared bankruptcy, are still operating their online store and consumers can use their gift cards there. Copic suggested that consumers could continue to buy gift cards as long as they are aware what’s happening to specific. Visa gift cards or gift cards to big box retailers like Target or Walmart are safer bets. Some local business suggest buying gift cards to help them stay in business. Copic noted that while this is a way to help your favorite restaurant, but consumers shouldn’t wait too long to use those cards. (NBC 7 San Diego – 5/15/20)

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